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Nigel Cheshire's Blog David Seruyange pointed me to a great presentation by Yahoo! Javascript Architect Douglas Crockford on software quality. At least, “Quality” is the title of the presentation, but in fact Crockford gives a wonderful history lesson, showing how we got to where we are today. This is a 48-minute presentation, and well worth the time. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing at work, do yourself a favor: forgo an episode of American Idol, set 48 minutes aside at home, don the headphones and listen in. You won’t regret it. Crockford reminds us of some theories that have been around for a while, but have gotten lost in the morass of “snake oil” - new methodologies, tools and techniques that are claimed, by their vendors, to be silver bullets - quick, easy wins in the battle against poor software quality. The... (more)

Software More an Art Than a Science?

Nigel Cheshire's Blog Infoworld ran a story yesterday on comments made by Microsoft's Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie. “The problem is,” said Mundie, “that software development is an important endeavor but it has not matured as an engineering process, it's still an art form.” He was responding to the claim that Microsoft is racing too fast into the brave new world of a “multidevice environment where mobile phones get smart, and people will demand both integration and segregation of their various computing devices”, when Windo... (more)

Why Coding Standards?

Show me code written by ten developers and I'll show you ten different coding styles. So why try to develop and enforce coding standards? Who cares what a program looks like as long as it works? The primary reason for adopting coding standards is to make it easier for developers to read and understand each other's code. Although peer reviews are relatively new, most developers maintain.or at least step through.someone else's code. A huge amount of development effort is wasted reading undecipherable code. It is amazing how a few style changes can make code difficult to read. Arm... (more)

iPhone - Service as Important as Software Quality

Nigel Cheshire's Blog A couple of weeks or so after launch, I thought it might be fun to scout around and find out whether iPhone users are experiencing significant software problems with the device or not. I haven’t traded my Blackberry for an iPhone (yet), but a couple of folks in the office have them and are all glassy eyed and in love. It's a slick device, there's no question about it, and the software appears to be well executed. Of course there have been some early glitches, but these all seem relatively minor (and shrink even more in comparison to some of the probl... (more)

Java Development Managers Stress the Need to Improve Software Quality

We've all experienced it - the "get it out the door" mentality that seems to be the driving force behind many software application deliveries - a prime example of the software industry's immaturity that favors completion over quality, and an end user's preference for hot new features over stable, reliable systems. Deferring the QA process is an expensive way to operate and corporations are taking a financial hit for these software errors. According to the Washington, D.C., National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST), software errors cost the U.S. economy $60 billion per ye... (more)